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Create an irresistible, stand-out brand

I'm Amanda Shuman! Just 18-months ago, I was fired from my corporate position. Now, I'm making over $6K per month.

Struggling with how to market your business and find clients (consistently)?

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I transformed my life and business through brand identity and social media strategy.

It wasn't long ago where I was pregnant and at a corporate job I hated so much that sometimes I would go into the bathroom and cry. Where my husband and I could barely pay our bills. Where I vividly remember looking at our bank account on a Monday morning and realizing we only had $2.47. And that had to last for two weeks.

To say I was desperate is an understatement. So, I took a plunge and invested $9,000 into an online coaching course that guaranteed six-figure results in less than three months.

Fast forward six months.

Nothing had changed. I was disappointed, frustrated, and dead-set on never letting this happen to me, or any of my clients, again. 

I promised myself then that when my clients invested in their businesses—they would see changes. And while there is no get-rich-quick formula that offers six-figure paychecks with minimal work, there are tools and resources that you can use to boost the amazing work you’re already doing. 

In the end, losing that $9K fueled to my fire to dig in and succeed. And after three years of trying, failing, and trying again…I now work from home designing and strategizing with other creatives full-time. 

It didn’t happen without hard work. But, it wasn’t impossible either. I reached my goals by honoring and focusing on the power of an irresistible brand identity.

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The Brand Gathering is a monthly membership focused on helping you clarify your brand and level-up your social media presence.

The marketing world is full of busy buzzy-ness, “find your ideal client,” “create a marketing strategy,” “differentiate,” “develop avatars.”  

It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. And with the technology that supports everything digital, it’s truly never-ending. 

My battle cry to all creatives is this: Don’t let your dreams die. Don’t give up just because it’s relentless out there. Instead, give yourself the gift of leaning-in.

Imagine a support system that you could rely on fully to give you the honest truth. A support system that wanted nothing more than to see you succeed.

Imagine no more trial and error or crossing your fingers hoping for results, but having someone who's been in your position show you the ropes.

Imagine tools, resources, templates, and checklists that guide you—start to finish—on how to create, build, and advance your brand.

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WHAT IF, TOGETHER, WE COULD TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FROM BEING ON NO ONE'S RADAR TO being irresistible? To BOOKING MORE CLIENTs THAN EVER? To having a community of advocates looking forward to your next blog, newsletter, and post?

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Your live program that clarifies your business direction in 6 weeks

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The Brand Gathering saves you time and gives your actionable, easy to follow strategies each month that you can implement within your own business to generate leads and nurture your own growth!

navigate business easier

Step-by-step guides to simplify and streamline your business processes.

save time with actionable strategy

Strategic vision-setting activities and clear-cut monthly plans to put your focus exactly where it needs to be.

Design a winning MARKETING PLAN 

Tools and resources to help you kick-start your marketing efforts and create campaigns that attract your ideal clients and rock your social media platforms.

Leverage Lead-focused tactics

Proven methods to increase visibility, build your brand, and generate excitement around your products and services. 

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THis unique MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DELIVERS ACTIONABLE STRATEGies to SAVe creatives TIME so they can nurture their businesses

Running a successful business takes courage, drive, and a willingness to learn new methods. Most of all, it requires consistent action and an enthusiasm to adapt new techniques that prove long-term results. 

Your $20 monthly membership includes

Monthly Action Plan

The first Monday of every month, you’ll receive a curated blueprint with actionable, concrete steps to help grow your business, strengthen your brand, and sign more clients.

Hot Seats

This is where we take a deep dive into your brand identity and overall strategy to help you identify the key areas where you need to focus on in order to get results that matter.

Access to Branding & Marketing Experts

We’re bringing in the best, more influential experts we know to provide exclusive, behind-the-scenes insights on how to create thriving and revenue-generating businesses in way that is easy to understand and implement.

Exclusive Facebook Community

All members will receive access to our exclusive Brand Gathering Facebook group where they can collaborate, network, and get on-demand help from other creatives. 

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High-Impact Mini-Courses

Topic-specific, bite-sized courses will be posted monthly giving members a quick overview on a new piece of tech, a new tactic, or a fun facet of branding and social media to try out every month. 

Private Workshops

New interactive workshops, designed specifically with creatives in mind, will be available monthly for members to interact directly with experts, connect with their unique values, differentiate themselves, overcome their inner barriers to branding, and establish a signature look and style. 


your monthly membership to help clarify your brand and level-up your social media

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